11 September 2018

We have begun learning about litter. So far we have looked at photos of heavily littered areas such as the woods and the beach. We discussed how it made us feel when we saw the litter on the floor. Some children said it made them feel sad and some were left feeling angry. We went on to look at photos of wildlife that have been trapped by litter which really shocked us. To support learning we have set up an ‘Animal Rescue Centre’ in the classroom to help any animals affected by litter. Has your child spoken about this at home? Are they remembering to always put their litter in the bin or take it home?

This week we are introducing ‘recycling’ we are going to learn about different materials and how to recycle them. We have provided recycling bins in the classroom. It would be great if you could recycle at home with your child. Let them decide which recycling box their rubbish needs to go into. Let us know how they get on!

By the end of the half term we want to learn 10 things we can do to help our world and make it happy. We will be reading ’10 things I can do to help my world’ by Melanie Walsh. You will hopefully be hearing about this in the next few weeks.

How can I help my world?

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