24 January 2019

Puma class had a fantastic experience doing different activities at Classroom in the Woods. We started the day with Mr D talking to us about the farm before we went into the woods to make Mr Tumnus, a character from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, out of leaves.

We then went for a walk, discovering and learning about how the environment looks urging the winter. We also had the opportunity to run in the field and walk across a rickety bridge.

At the steam we made a dam like beavers do. We used long branches that slowed the stream down and walked through some evergreen tree like Lucy did when she walked through the wardrobe.

We then went back for our lunch.

During the afternoon we went back into the woods and made horses and unicorns it’s sticks and socks and woodland creatures using potatoes and sticks.

What an amazing day we had discovering and learning.

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