10 February 2019

As part of our PSHE learning we have been finding out how to keep ourselves safe. We have talked about Stranger Danger when we are out and about in our gardens, at the park, at the shops and in the streets.

Last week the fire brigade came in and spoke to us about fire safety and then on Tuesday we had Safer Internet day. We learnt about how we can keep ourselves safe when we are using the Internet, this can be when we are playing games on a games console, using an iPad, a laptop or a mobile phone. We learnt what the meaning of consent was and what we need to do to get consent and how important it is to not to talk to or play games with strangers online. Look at us acting out using all the different ways we use the Internet. We also invented an Internet hero to help us keep safe.

On Friday we continued our learning about keeping ourselves safe with a visit from June and Watson. We discussed and learnt about caring for dogs as well as an understanding that all dogs are different and how important it is to speak to a dogs owner before stroking one. Some of us felt nervous to strokes dogs but after seeing how calm Watson was it gave us the confidence to stroke him.

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