14 March 2019

We had a fab time on Friday for the launch of Science Week. We started with a special assembly and observing some exciting experiments. We then went back to the classroom where we had a carousel of a range of experiments to work our way around. We proved ourselves to be great scientists as we made predictions and then tested out our ideas, before thinking hard about why and how things had happened.

We then started to look at science ‘Journeys.’ We found it really interesting, and pretty funny to have a look at photos of the teachers as young babies or children and tried to guess who was who and looked how they had changed.

We then focussed on the journey from seed to plant. We began by planting cress. We carefully followed the instructions and made predictions to what we thought the seeds would look like and how cress will grow the quickest.

Charlie thought cress would grow quickest if it was in the sunlight. The children thought the cotton wool felt ‘cold, squashy, squidgy, wet, stretchy and damp’ as they poured on the water.

The children later recalled what they had done to plant the seeds as they wrote their own set of instructions.

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