14 March 2019

We have looked at the book, ‘A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds,’ to support our learning on the journeys of seeds this week. The children were surprised to learn that seeds can be carried on their own journeys in the wind, water and with animals before they even begin to grow.

We made a list of the different fruits we knew, and then used the book to help us discover more. We then looked at these fruits and used some fantastic language to describe what we thought they might taste like. We predicted what the seeds would look like and which fruits we thought would have the most in. Most of the children were shocked to find that bananas contain tiny little seeds. Adam thought the pepper might have the biggest seeds as it was a ‘big fruit so has more space for seeds,’ and Andie thought the bananas seeds must be the smallest as ‘they are so small you can’t taste them.’

Children then had a taste of some of the fruits. There were some funny faces pulled but they did extremely well and surprised us all as they voted for their favourite fruit, with lemon being the most popular! Evie loved the avocado and described it as tasting like ‘crunchy milk.’

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