21 March 2019

The children were shocked to return to our classroom on Monday to find a huge mess. Our initial reaction was that a nursery child must have been in and made a mess, however, as we explored we discovered some footprints which did not belong to a child. The children found a toy Tyrannosaurus rex and quickly realised it must have been this dinosaur as ‘the foot was the same shape.’

When we sat down to discuss the mystery, Reuben suggested that ‘the dinosaur was friendly and wanted to play with the toys but made a mess with his whacking tail.’ He then explained that the dinosaur ‘can’t pick things up because she just has 2 fingers and will fall over if she bends forwards.’

The group then met Tony T-Rex who brought the children a letter to apologise for the mess. They have since been writing to Tony with some fabulous questions and assuring him not to be scared of us. Keep up the super writing Dolphins!

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