9 July 2019

How to comment on a class blog

In order to create a post for others to read on your blog you first need to be logged in.
You will get your login details from your class teacher.
We invite family and friends and the world to leave comments on the blog in response to what your class teacher has written.
To do this you need to click on ‘Leave a comment’ underneath the blog post (in small writing).

  • Keep your details private
  • Never use your last name on any page
  • Don’t give or post your home address, telephone or mobile number to anyone.
  • Keep your passwords safe. Don’t give them to anyone. If you think someone else knows it, tell your teacher immediately.


  • You may not log in using anyone else’s username or password.
  • Ask permission before you write about anyone.
  • Only put links that the school has approved.
  • You may not post anything that is rude or insulting to others.

Remember, even if you post from home, the school’s internet rules still apply.

Respect copyright

It is against the law to copy other people’s work and post it on your blog as if it was your own. You may post quotes from people as long as you tell your readers who said it.

You may not upload your favourite music onto your blog.

What happens if you break the rules?

Every blog is monitored by your teacher and by moderators. If someone breaks a rule the following may happen:

  • You may be asked to put it right
  • Your parents may be informed
  • You will be warned about your future behaviour
  • Your blog/password may be temporarily suspended, or even deleted
  • Anyone who keeps breaking the rules will no longer be allowed to blog.

Blogging Etiquette

There are certain rules we need to follow when blogging. This is a guide to blog safely and productively. Remember that the blog is just another aspect of school.

First and foremost – stay safe. Report anything which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Only post your own work. Do not find other people’s work and then claim it as your own (this is called plagiarism). If you do use someone’s work or photograph – always cite where you got it from and post a hyperlink to the original source.

Check your grammar and spelling. Although some typos may slip through, try your hardest to provide a post with excellent grammar and spelling. Do not use text language such as “c u l8tr”

We set our blog up to help improve writing – not make it worse!

Don’t use capitals all the time – IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING AT YOUR READERS!

Always be polite. Never post anything which is offensive or might be taken as offensive. Basically – if you wouldn’t say it – don’t write it.

When you leave a comment on another blog, make it worthwhile. Posting “great” is not of value. Cirtique other peoples work like in the classrooms at Elliston. Always post positive comments on other’s work. You be constructive to help others improve but not just plain negative.

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