Dear parents/ carers,


Thank you once again for your never-ending support for our school and our staff. This year has not been an easy one but Elliston has shone through with that great resilience and positivity that our children are known for. You should be incredibly proud of your little ones, they are an absolute credit to you and to us.


Despite the rising Covid cases in our local area, we are hoping that we will be back to almost normal in the new term.  We do know that, if everything goes to plan, isolation due to contact with positive cases will be easier to manage and we shouldn’t have to shut whole class bubbles unless there is an extreme case for it. We have made the following plans based on the understanding that Government guidelines stay as they are and we aim to ensure any changes are communicated to you as soon as we know of any.


School re-opens for children on Tuesday 31st August and this will be a ‘Say Goodbye to Summer’ Day – children are invited to come to school wearing their summer clothes and wearing a summer hat or sunglasses. The day will give us all a chance to get to know new classrooms, new teachers, connect with friends and will be filled with fun activities. The ice-cream van has also been invited back!

The following day, Wednesday 1st September, it will be business as usual and back in uniforms ready for learning. It is important children are here for that first day as they have missed out on transition this year.  


All children will enter school through the main playground – we will not be using the door onto the street for Y5/6 to enter. There will be plenty of staff around in the playground to help guide you to where you need to be. Although the guidelines around social distancing to 2m apart are no longer legally binding, we would ask that you are mindful of close contact and try as much as possible to drop off and pick up promptly from school. One adult per pick up would also help us reduce over-crowding.


The gates and doors will open at 8.45 am and will be closed at 8.55. All children need to be in school by this time as registers will be closed at 9am. Arriving after this time will be classed as late and will affect attendance.


We have found over the last few months that the start of the day has been easier for us all if children are dropped off at the door or even the gate. It has been lovely to see how they have grown in independence with this. We will continue to keep these arrangements the same at the beginning and end of the day and adults will be asked to remain outside. We will however be planning events in school for parents and carers to take part in so you can come and see the learning that is taking place. We are also hoping to restart class assemblies and Christmas performances which we are very much looking forward to.


We recognise the beginning and end of day can be busy so if you would like to talk to the class-teacher, we are more than happy for you to ring once you are home still if this is easier for you.


At the end of the day, gates will be opened at 3.10 and doors will open at 3.15pm for Foundation Stage 1 and 3.20pm for the rest of the school. We will try to ensure the children are out promptly so you don’t need to hang around for long.


Thank you for everything and have a very lovely, relaxing summer break


Best wishes

Mrs Patterson