Elliston Primary Academy provides breakfast and care for children from Reception to Year 6 from 7.50am to school start time each day (breakfast is stopped being served at 8.25am). Children wishing to attend should come to the School Hall via the School Office. When Breakfast Club finishes the children will then be taken to class.


On Monday to Thursday Breakfast comprises of toast, Frubes, a selection of cereals, orange juice, apple juice and milk.

On a Friday it is ‘Specials Day’. The option for this differs each week but could be scrambled egg, beans, spaghetti, sweet waffles, potato waffles, hash browns, sausage buns or cheese toasties.

In the summer milkshakes are offered and in the winter hot chocolate.


There is a selection of activities and games played for example Cat & Mouse and Dodgeball.

On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday Grimsby Town Football Club joins us and plays Football.

In the dry weather the activities are played outside.


The staff that are involved in the Breakfast Club are Mrs Delaney, Mrs Skinner, Mrs Teasel and Mrs Stevens.


Cost per day is 75pence per child.

Breakfast Club