Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Caroline Patterson


Mrs Dawn Coates


Nursery Team

Mrs R Smith & Mrs Leonard

Mrs Bryson, Miss Jackson and Miss


Foundation Team

Mrs Dyball & Mrs Rock

Miss Wilkinson & Mrs Barron

Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs Teanby-Cook, Miss Morgan Miss Akther and Mrs Dean

Miss Thompson, Mrs Delaney and Mrs Bucknole

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Miss Alexander,  Miss MacDonald, Mr Bowns & Mrs Phillips

Mrs Skinner, Mrs Harper and Mrs Nicolson

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Miss Nicholson, Mrs J. Smith, Mr Cooper & Mrs D Smith

Mrs Teasel, Mrs Flint and Mrs Swan


Mrs Farrow, Mrs Gray, Mrs Carlton and Mrs Gordon

Pastoral Team

Mrs Shields, Mrs Hardie, Mrs Stevens

Admin Staff 

Mrs Stuart, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Dawson & Miss Dickson

Pupil & Young People Supervisors & Cleaners

Mrs Polley, Mrs Setterfield, Mrs Patchett, Mrs Ward, Mrs Green and Mrs Newell


Mrs Marshall and Miss Allison

Support Staff 

Mr Crampton

Site Manager

Mr Charlton



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