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Today in Puma class we are learning about different fonts and how words can look different.  We practiced writing down our names and changing the font. It was lots of fun! (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Hacking the Tiger blog!
Super hackers! We are lucky enough to have Mr Charlton in with us this morning showing us how and what hacking a website looks like. The children started off with answering this question - What is hacking? Can you answer that? I know that I (More)
Mrs D Smith wrote: Continents and Oceans
aguar team have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. If you see us around school, ask us about them. We have used our computing skills to help us with this learning and have developed our computing skills even further in proces (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Programing Moving Objects.
Today, Jackal class programmable bots in a drawing program. Some practice was needed! A castle was made! A boat was planned. The boat was completed! (More)
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