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Mrs D Smith wrote: Algorithms in Jaguar
Fantastic critical thinking in Jaguar today when considering algorithms in real life.  (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Here, There and Everywhere.
Using code to move cars, boats and bicycles. Foundation pupils are "going places" (More)
Using an Immersive space to fire the learning minds of our pupils. Thanks @MiddlethorpePri @EnquireTrust #blog via IFTTT (More)
Miss Morgan wrote: Places to visit
Today we used google street view to find places to visit in Grimsby and  Cleethorpes. Once we had found the places we took a screen shot of them. Next we learned how to use pic collage to present our photographs. We had great fun changing the size (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Song and code
Today, computer club was treated to a song. Written by Meah on how fun computer club is. Also today we learnt about "repeat blocks" and how we can loop code!  If you want to try at home for free Click the following links below to use Lightbo (More)
Today in Puma class we are learning about different fonts and how words can look different.  We practiced writing down our names and changing the font. It was lots of fun! (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Year 2 Computer Club
Year 2's at the computing club! Using coding apps to better understand app instructions. Danielle physically walked the steps herself to program her Alex bot to follow the same instructions. Both A.L.E.X. and Daisy the Dinosaur are free from t (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Hacking and cracking
Do you know the difference between  hacking and cracking? This afternoon we have been learning how to change details on the web site and how to keep our details safe! Many adults don't know the difference between hacking and cracking but you can (More)
Mr Charlton wrote: Hacking the Tiger blog!
Super hackers! We are lucky enough to have Mr Charlton in with us this morning showing us how and what hacking a website looks like. The children started off with answering this question - What is hacking? Can you answer that? I know that I (More)
Mrs D Smith wrote: Continents and Oceans
aguar team have been learning about the continents and oceans of the world. If you see us around school, ask us about them. We have used our computing skills to help us with this learning and have developed our computing skills even further in proces (More)
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