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Mrs D Smith wrote: Top readers
Well done on all your reading at home : Harry, Lexi and Poppy.  (More)
Mrs D Smith wrote: Reader of the week
Chloe is our reader of the week. Thank you For telling us about your reading and learning - the creatures sound intriguing. Chloe gave the book a 9 out of 10. So definitely worth a read. (More)
Mrs D Smith wrote: Stormbreaker
Jaguar class using Conscience Alley to get into role. (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Teamwork 
Team Leopard showed exceptional collaborative skills today as they worked together to improve their diary entries. Everyone could prove that their writing was better by the end of the session. Who will be the writer of the week? (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Wonderful Wild Wolves
After we carried out our enquiry into wolves, it was time to write and then improve our reports. We typeset them, including images and fascinating facts to inform and entertain the reader. These reports will form part of our books we are writing this (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Let's share our learning!
Do you know all the places where wolves can be found on this planet? Could you tell if a wolf is scared, aggressive or on the verge of attack? Team Leopard wanted to research wolves, but had to think of a plan to get maximum information in the minimu (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: We love our books!
Every child in the school received a book to celebrate World Book Day. You can see how pleased we were with ours. Now we will write our own stories using this book as a stimulus. (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Leopard Class Newsroom
Leopard Class was turned into a newsroom today as we wrote our first page for our novels. These are based on our World Book Day book, which the children will be sharing with you tonight. (More)
Mrs J Smith wrote: Book Review 
Leopard Class have been comparing fairytales written by the same author. We looked for plot twists, morals and techniques to keep the reader interested. Next week we shall be producing adverts to try to persuade people to read our favourite tale. (More)
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